one killed & ten injured after jumping from window fleeing the Devil

A four month old baby was killed and ten people injured in France after leaping from a second floor window to escape the Devil. The incident happened in an apartment building in La Verriere a suburb outside of Paris.

Police reports say that there were thirteen people in the apartment when at around 3 am one of the occupants a man of African descent was awoken by his baby crying and got up to feed it. He was naked and as he stood up one of the female occupants thought that he was the Devil, panic broke out and the man was stabbed with a knife before being thrown out of the apartment. Still naked and badly injured he tried to get back in which caused further panic amongst the other occupants who threw themselves out of the second floor window to escape.

Seven of the jumpers were seriously injured and admitted to hospital including the baby which died soon after, others were treated by paramedics at the scene. Two men have been taken into police custody.

p/s : damn tv.

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